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Welcome to InnoAbs Lab

Innovative Antibodies Laboratory (InnoAbs) is a global leading research group in the field of antibody engineering and therapeutic antibody development. InnoAbs Lab's research has focused on investigating the roles of antibody-based targeting of a variety of novel potential therapeutic targets particularly related to immunological disorders, infectious diseases, and cancer progression and metastasis in collaboration with a wide range of academic and industrial partners.

Currently, InnoAbs Lab members are trying to research and develop novel therapeutic antibody candidates for cancer immunotherapy and for successful treatment against COVID-19, diagnostic antibodies for COVID-19 and influenza rapid multi-viral point-of-care testing (POCT), and further antibody-based platform technology for efficient cancer killing.

In addition, InnoAbs Lab is open to anyone who has enthusiasm to research and develop innovative antibody drugs and any collaboration from industry and academia.

Professor, Sukmook Lee